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How long does it take to switch to Telidoo?

Switching to Telidoo is a matter of minutes. There is no need to enter into a contract, transfer the phone number, or go anywhere. Everything can be done online.

Is Telidoo internetet calling?

No, Telidoo connects calls through the standard GSM network, just like O2, T-mobile or Vodafone. Unlike VoIP, there is no reduction in call quality, latency, or disconnection when driving or moving around. You can even turn the data off and make calls, making Internet access unnecessary, but it is recommended for faster call set-up and sending TMS and multimedia messages for FREE.

Is the Internet required for making calls via Telidoo?

No, Telidoo does not connect via Internet (VoIP) calls, so the Internet is not needed. Internet connection is not necessary, but it is recommended to speed up call setup and send TMS and multimedia messages for FREE.

What is the quality of Telidoo calls?

Telidoo connects calls through a standard GSM network, like O2, T-Mobile or Vodafone. The call quality is the same as with these operators. Telidoo does not reduce the call quality as with VoIP (Skype, WhatsApp, etc.), dropping words or disconnecting while driving, degrading the quality of your data connection or interruptions by an incoming call.

Will callers see my phone number?

Yes, your phone number will be displayed to the called party and you will be able to call it. So nothing changes. Slightly different is only in sending SMS. Your SMS is sent via Telidoo gateway as TMS, ie from other than your phone number Your phone number is listed in the text of the TMS message, so some smartphones can cope with it and show your name to the recipient by contact If the recipient you send TMS also installs Telidoo, the TMS messages are properly assigned to You can also send and receive multimedia content for FREE with this recipient. Alternatively, you may choose to send SMS messages outside of Telidoo via your SIM card. In this case, your SMS will be sent in the standard way, but you will not benefit from Telidoo savings.

Do I have to get a contract?

No, just fill in a few basic registration details when you install the app and recharge your online credit. No contract required. At the end of the month an invoice is issued for the sums made and payments made with the details you filled in.

How can I be sure this is not a scam?

Telidoo as is a joint stock company with a high registered capital and the liability of the Chairman of the Board of Directors with all assets. The Company's bodies, such as the Supervisory Board, have a number of prominent personalities. works on TUV and ISO certification. And finally, you can transfer your unused credit (only the one you purchased but not received) to your own bank account at any time within 24 hours.

Do I get a receipt or invoice for services?

Yes, each time you recharge your Telidoo credit, we'll issue an invoice that will be emailed to you. You can also download all issued invoices in your app's Payment History section at any time.

How much do calls and SMS cost?

Prices of all services can be found in the current price list here.

Can I call with Telidoo abroad and from abroad to the Czech Republic?

Yes, within the EU, Telidoo roaming operates at rates as in the Czech Republic. However, if you are outside the EU (European Union), you must use the services of your own operator (your SIM card supplier) for roaming.

Does Telidoo work in incall menus (DTMF)?

Yes, Telidoo supports DTMF dialing. If you refer to a voice navigation system (such as a bank, post office or insurance company) that requires you to dial by dialing the dialer dial, everything will work perfectly as you are used to.

Is Telidoo calling safe?

Yes, calling via Telidoo is as secure as calling via O2, Vodafone, or T-mobile. Encrypting messaging and multimedia content is even safer.

What will change when I call via Telidoo?

Telidoo will replace your phone's system dialer with the Telidoo dialer, making it cheaper. The Telidoo dialer also offers a host of other premium features.
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